Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Monday, March 14, 2011

It makes sense that this happens...but why THIS morning??

So I had 3 options to write about today...Midterm, Bike stuff, or Haircut.
Big midterm today, I was pretty riled up over it, Structural Geology is probably the hardest course I've ever taken in University. Day started with material review and 3 eggs, then I promptly hopped on my bike to get to my 10:30 exam. Left the house at just after 10:30 (ooops..), but I don't like waiting around with everybody who is all nervous and tense anyway. So I show up at least 3 minutes late every time.
Upon making the turn onto Stone Rd, (about 300m from my house) I felt a flat tire. Are you kidding me? That's unfortunate...
A very quick inspection showed that my tube had ballooned out. Well that just sucks. Looks like the bead on my favourite (no longer in production) rear tire had failed! I can't replace it! And I'm too poor to anyway!
But what to do? Run home to fix it? Run to campus because I'm probably 10 minutes late for my exam? I chose the latter. Locked the poor bike to a sign, and went to write my [very challenging] exam.
Poor thing was on it's own in the snow all day...

When I got back to my poor lonely steed at about 10 at night, I realized that the tube had not merely ballooned, the rim had finally given up. It had come apart just behind where the valve is. Unreal! These wheels don't owe me anything...10+ year old v-brake wheels that I got for free anyway...It's a little sad though...

There are 2 bulges like this on the rim..


  1. thats sick! least an old shitty wheel didnt send you over the bars like it did with me that one time. How'd the exam go? did you fail? :P

  2. Hey this is the GF you were telling me about. Sorry to hear about the rim