Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Monday, March 21, 2011

A big weekend!

After getting through a pretty nice week (shorts and Birkenstocks all week, rides outside, and only 1 midterm) I had big plans for the weekend: a massive structural geology field trip, a good sized house party (at my place), and what I really wanted most: my little brother coming!(which took a lot of convincing to get my mom to be okay with this idea)
Firstly- my brother (Nik) is a 16 year old kid, nice guy (I guess), seems pretty smart (though undoubtedly not as smart as I am!), likes sports (opposite to mine), and was generally excited for the weekend. Nik got to Guelph around 11 at night on Friday, and we proceeded to pack up lunch (which was AMAZING thanks to a good friend of mine), and headed to bed. For lunch we managed to pack a 30L pack totally full, including home made pizza, panzerottos, a bag of apples, numerous clementines, dried fruit, dates, muffins (from mom), chicken sandwich, etc. Big day out in the field where we learned how to measure strikes and dips, observe all sorts of stuff, and take 13 stops to do so. We moved 30km in 6 hours, this got to be PAINFUL by about the 4th stop. Don't get me wrong! I love learning, the stops were just all redundant, and I was running on little sleep, and frankly did not learn anything new anyway.
Nik-working hard!

But my little bro was loving it! The kid picked up momentum as the trip went on, and he always wanted a compass to measure with, which was good for me; I took a measurement, he took a measurement, and we would share them with everybody!

Whatever passed the time most efficiently...
Upon return to Guelph, I took Nik to see a very close friend of mine who lives on campus, and then bussed it home. Nik listened to some good stories of life in first year, living in residence, and the marvels of living with several thousand other people your age. He still lit up on the bus ride - having never been on public transit.

Upon arrival at my house, the party was booming! There was a live band upstairs, a full DJ setup downstairs, and super energetic people all dressed in white (the theme this year was white-last year was red and the previous was blue - it was my French housemate's birthday). First thing was first. The snack table! Rice salad, chicken alfredo, brie, marshmellows, white russians, and many other snacks were there for us weary travellers to lay into. I felt pretty cool too when I gave my brother a beer. Great festivities, and an unexpectedly amazing night ensued.
Singing out loud in my sexy geologist hat!

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  1. a)That hair cut looks a lot like the hair cut I got two weeks ago!

    b)Glynis looks extra short in the pic.

    c)Wish I could have made it out with you guys :(