Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The big day of the big bike's arrival!

Quite a day! Started out with the typical wake up too early, fall back asleep, sleep in too late routine, then wander upstairs for eggs (that's honestly pretty much all that I eat). Hop on the bike to go to the super secret printing lab early (to print an assignment for the crazy prof that took a few of us about 12+ hours to complete this weekend), and managed to get my assignment printed on time.
Then I called home.
"Hello is there a bike there please"
"Wha? No Chris no bike"
Get out of first class.
"Hello, may I speak with bike?"
"That doesn't even make sense and it's not here yet"
20 minutes into the second class (papers were being collected so I made a quick call)
"Is there a fine you bicycle present"
"We'll call you Chris."

Seems Purolator hadn't been by, and I needed to make sure that there would be somebody at the house for when they came, to accept the bike.
12:08pm, phone rings, it's my housemate. I'm in class, stupid stupid calculus class! That's ok, out in 12 minutes, I'll call then. Receive a text message though which read
"I just finished taking your new bike's virginity....It was aiight!"

Not only had they opened the box of the thing I've been looking so forward to,but had violated it in some ways? Unacceptable, surely they must be joking. 12:20, class is over, I call.
"Bike's there? You guys didn't open the box did you?"
"Dude didn't you read the text? Jordan's been on it too, really nice bike man congratulations."
"That is by far the least cool thing you guys have ever done! No way you did that."
"Gotta go get the bus, can't talk, bye."

What? They had opened my bike? My custom made, custom everything bike that I had worked 4 jobs for and survived a poor poor student lifestyle and they just open it?? THE AUDACITY!

Spent most of the rest of the day very disappointed and moping a bit (I think I was justified, right?) until finally I couldn't wait any more. HAD to go home to take a look at the bike! A quick stop at the bike co-op on campus to order a sweet wavy 140mm rotor and then home to see what was there!

I walked into the house and saw the best thing I could see, an unopened box! Stupid housemates messing with me! They're fired! But at least it was fresh still! Super smiley, I reached to my pocket, opened up my pocket knife and laid into the box! Yep, my bike is definitely bigger than yours, it's going to be pretty emasculating on the start line.  Unfortunately I gashed my finger pretty good - that bled for a couple of hours, but I taped some paper towel to wound and made sure the bike stayed clean!
Action shot
There was a bit of a mixup/catastrophe(if you ask me) to do with the bike parts! I had spent hours ordering what I wanted and choosing parts so I know what was missing, that's why I won't put up a full picture yet. Going to have to hash this out and pimp my bike out! There were good surprises though too, like the tires, they used to be my favourite tires before I started racing for Schwalbe (though they are mega-heavy..).
More to come! Let's see if this bike gets to where I want it! BEAUTIFUL frame though!

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