Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Friday, January 25, 2013

Arizona update

Well the trip was long, and so have been the rides since I got here in the Desert. Life in Tucson is simple; we wake up, eat, play The Settlers of Catan, ride, eat, and play again. Every day. There are 6 of us total in a 3 bedroom 1 floor house; me and a bunch of pro road guys. Living with the guys has taught me several things about riding, training, and focus. Tucson is awesome, it’s a city right in between several mountain ranges, and surround in cactuses. Temperature here is pretty crazy – it’s arid so you don’t realize that you’re sweating, and the temperature fluctuates more than 20C between day and night. Riding temperatures are always beautiful, but the wind plays tricks on me and my jersey tan is getting bad. I’ve spent over 30 hours on the bike since last Tuesday (check out my new gadget on the right to see where I’ve been. I have seen a lot of interesting things here – cactuses, lizards, road runners, cactuses, eagles, quails, and of course Brandon Spencer.
Here are a few of my favourite pictures so far.

Snowstorm in New Mexico
Flying Dinosaurs in the State of Arizona

Made it!
Burrito place not 100m from the house, living pretty close to Mexico

Cactuses and mountains

Anton, always classy.

Brandon(white helmet) causing problems

Off days at the coffee shop

Real live picture of a road runner, I swear.

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