Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Footage of some awesome trails in South Carolina!

While I was down south travelling and riding my bikes, I had one epic 4 hour day of riding out in South Carolina. The day started out with what was supposed to be a 30km ride to the trail system, with the intent of meeting my friend Ben (the guy who rents the place in SC) at the trails in an hour after he drove there. Unfortunately the directions weren't quite spot on...

I spent more than an hour before I located the Lake Issaqueena State Park where the trails were, then spent another hour and a half looking for the right parking lot to find Benno. By this time it was getting late enough that I would have to leave to go to back to the lake house that we had set up basecamp (but were leaving to go back to Canada that night) or it would be dark. After finally giving up on finding Ben, I decided that there was no way that I would go to the park without getting some trail riding time in, so off I went! I quickly found myself loving my new Trek Superfly Elite, and gaining my "sea legs" so to speak pretty quickly! On my last check through the parking lots as I was about to head home I a group of university students and decided to introduce myself and see if they knew where I could find Ben.

Of course I got some funny looks because nobdoy was really expecting to find a guy from Canada with a funny accent lost in the bushes. One of them (Cliff) said he would take me to a parking lot we figured Ben would be at, and he took me the most fun way possible! Clff also happened to have a GoPro camera, which he set up on his bars and caught some great stuff of me riding the trails on my new bike!

The first 4 or so minutes is me riding a downhill track, with wall rides and everything! So awesome, though I was sure to be careful doing these things on my new carbon fiber cross country race bike! Around 5:20 we are riding up by a gully and just before 6:00 we turn into the sunset along some beautiful trails beside a lake, which is absolutely worth checking out! (12 minutes in is pretty funny too)

Thanks to Cliff for throwing the footage together, and saving the day by driving me home! Those southerners are just the greatest bunch of people, and will treat anybody like their best friend! Every person we passed we greeted, and people actually cared to hear that you were having a great time on the trails! I know I certainly want to find myself back in the city of Clemson, SC one day!

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