Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is this camping, or University?

So I just got back from this week of camping out of farms and bird monitoring stations out on the Bruce Peninsula, wow. The first day of class we filled out this "tell me about yourself", I opened with a solid picture:
and said that I liked bikes and tight underwear. I answered the last question (What do you hope to gain from this course?) with "I hope to learn some new skills in the field, and to make some great friends camping along the way!
Did I ever! The group of 14 was divided into 2 caravans, I was in the red one with Cameron, Bailey, Elisabet, Hilary, Shannen, and sometimes Angela. Every good travel vehicle needs a name (I got very attached to my partner Henry the pickup truck one year), and it's awesome to have something to bring the van together - to improve the group dynamic! I threw out the name the General, after the General Lee, I'd say that the significance is pretty evident:

The name was adopted with great enthusiasm, we even had a controversial flag. I spent basically the whole week with Cam and Shannen, it was alright, I guess. Cam has a ridiculous sense of humor, and we would just build on eachother until what we were saying was no longer discernible to others, or if they knew what they were saying, they were in a laughing fit. That guy was hilarious, though most of what we said if you missed the start of our conversations, you would think we were rambling on completely inane discussions. Shannen is a bit like the female version of me, it's scary. But of course we hit it off huge because I love myself, that's how cyclists are, right?

The week was full of adventures, hiking waking up early, staying up late, board games, card games, and a bit of drinking too. The first day at our cabin up at the top of the peninsula was a great adventure! I ran along the beautiful beach of rounded rocks (being careful!) to the next settlement up. I didn't do it fast (you couldn't, the ground was way too unpredictable), and it was full of cool washed up stuff and the Niagara Escarpment came  almost the whole way down at one point. I decided to go spelunking up a crevice (spelunking is cave diving please don't mistake it for the first Urban Dictionary definition). The crevice/caves were a whole new microcosm, mossy and damp, with bits of snow, and I was looking around in awe when I heard something move within the cave. Normally I'm not afraid of bears, but this is the kind of place where a bear would feel trapped and need to fight it's way out. So I reverse spelunked back to the beach and kept it going down the beach.
The next morning my old housemate Erin wanted to get out running at 6am...Why do I do these things again? Shannen left in the opposite direction at the same time, and we got bored of running the beach after about 2 minutes and ran down the road after Shannen who was standing on the flooded bit of the road (about 1.5feet of icy water), she started to ask what to do, but I just led the charge right through the water. The other two followed. We ran on some dirt road, and attempted to go down some flooded trails, but after 100m of running on flooded trail I was sick of it! My feet never got numb! They just stayed really cold! Ended up doing 1 hour run in the morning and 2 hour bike at night, brr.
The best day that I had was at Tobermory, a day of free range hiking, spelunking, and climbing! Amazing times with amazing people, hilarious too! My buddy came and I were particularly prestigious that day, full of scientific discussion of snails, and risking our lives for each other rock climbing!

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