Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey, it's my old boss!

This weekend was the weekend of the Paris to Ancaster bike race, one of the first races of the season! Unfortunately I don't have a race report (life of a student, don't have a car, can't get rides to races until they're all filled up), but I did have a wicked guest this weekend! My friend (actually we're practically dating, right meg?) was in the race, and asked for a place to stay. I was a little worried that a 4 bedroom dwelling that has been colonized by 6 university guys might be a little gross for her to want to stay at, but she would have to figure that out when she got here.
Meg and I go way back! It all started when I was at a Canada Cup race, racing junior expert class. Hilarious race actually, I distinctly remember some guy from Quebec leaving the start line to pee a few minutes before the race, making a mess of his uniform, and getting made fun of by all the Quebecois at the race (in french, I may have been the only anglephone that understood) - this was a great way to break the tension of the intense race to come. The race wasn't so great..I broke a spoke and my chain(twice). But I would rather finish dead last than not at all. So I dropped from just 11 or 12 or something to dead last, but oh boy did I finish that race!
Anyways, back to meeting Meg! So there's this rockstar who lived in Bracebridge at the time named Eric Batty, a pro rider for Trek Canada (placed 10th that day, right behind the top rider for my bike sponsors xprezo actually), and Eric had parked right by us. After the race I said something shy and introduced myself, Eric seemed super nice and talked to me for a bit, then Meagan cut in with "Hey! do you have a job this summer?".
So by introducing myself that day I managed to get a job, and a role model in cycling. Eric is a super nice guy, I would ride and train with him, listen to any advice he had and [naively] think I could do what he does one day (still trying to!). And Meg and her sister Char ran a super high end gourmet catering company in Muskoka called Gourmet on the Lake. One time we catered a party that it cost $10000 (yep that's the right amount of 0s) to get your family into. But mostly I would cut 50lb bags of onions. Then my hands would smell like onions, usually for a week. Then it was time to cut the next bag. This job in tandem with being a server at Kelsey's paid for my first year of university (with heavy loans too).
Meg and I keep in touch nicely, and I even got invited to her family Christmas this year. Who wouldn't go? Christmas is a super fun time and the food that these ladies cook is AMAZING. I've also been Meg's date to parties hahaha right Meg? Instead of my old boss she's just a cool chick to shoot the shit with, and it was great having her here! I cooked up a shrimp alfredo pasta, she brought a cake, and my housemates loved it! We even played boardgames!

I thought I had more pictures...
In other news! My bike is done! I'm sitting beside it! Bet everyone wants to see it! Stay tuned! First ride is scheduled for tomorrow!

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