Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thank you Hannah Clarke

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here we are in Georgia

Arrived in Georgia Saturday night to ride bikes for 8 days! Long drive down south (15 hours), had some pretty funny sightings though! One notable part of the ride was our rest stop in Cincinnati where we hopped into a "Waffle House" for lunch. Cheap food that came alarmingly fast, and a good old southern accent; I do love being called sweetie. A little later in the trip we saw another carload full of western students whom we promptly passed while I "paddled the canoe" out the window without a shirt and as they passed us back gave my number. Plenty of shenanigans between the two cars kept us busy for about an hour and a half until they peeled off to switch drivers, somewhere in Kentucky. Our last stop of the day was at an Asian Cafe in Tennessee where I had sushi (though it it's probably not advisable to eat raw fish in the southern USA) I loved every bit of it. Also my wonderful travel partner shared some wonton soup with me-though she ate all of the wontons herself.
A happy guy at the Detroit border (kp photography)
We finally got to our destination; the Hiker Hostel in Dalhonega Georgia, ready for a week of meeting new people passing through the hostel every night, tons of cycling, and some good southern hospitality

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